St. Patrick’s Day Toddler Activity

I kind of forgot about St. Patrick’s Day until the day before this year (we’ve been focused on Easter!). But when I realized St. Paddy’s Day was coming, I searched Pinterest for a fun activity to do with Emmy girl. I found something similar to what I’m going to show you, and put my own twist on it.


Green paper


Coins (or buttons)

Plastic gallon bag

Liquid soap

I started by drawing some St. Patrick’s Day things on the green paper, including a pot for our “gold.” I taped the paper to the table with painter’s tape to keep it from sliding around.

I filled my bag with clear liquid hand soap (you could use green hand or dish soap too!) and a few pennies. I sealed it and taped it to the table, on top of the green paper.

I showed my 2 year old how to squish the soap around inside the bag and how she could move the coins. I challenged her to move all of the pennies into the pot! A sensory, fine motor, and St. Patrick’s Day activity all in one!

Introducing Beading to a 1 Year Old

Lacing beads is so hard for toddlers! So when I thought of this activity, I figured it would be a great way to introduce the concept of beading early. Plus my daughter thought it was pretty fun! Well… for as long as a 19 month old can focus on an activity…


A broom

Toilet paper or paper towel roll(s)


I cut the paper towel rolls so they were 1-2 inches thick. (It really doesn’t matter how big they are.)

We have a kids’ size broom, which worked perfectly. A full size broom might be difficult for a toddler to maneuver. You could also use a tension curtain rod, yard stick, or something similar.

I put a couple of the “beads” on the broom to show my daughter what to do and then just let her go!

One of the most difficult parts of beading for kids is switching hands once the bead is on the string, so with this activity, make sure you let your child hold the broom stick by herself so she has to move her hand in order to let the “bead” fall to the bottom of the stick.

This is a super simple activity with very little preparation needed! Have fun!

Grandparent Gifts from Toddler

We have such a hard time buying gifts for our parents. They don’t want us to spend money on them and they usually buy themselves anything they need or want! Plus, our budget is usually pretty small. Crafts from grandkids are great, but here’s a “craft” that will last a little longer than the ones they hang on the fridge! Although, grandparents may need to be brave to actually put them to use…

My daughter LOVES to draw. So when I was trying to think of a gift for my dad for Father’s Day and I saw fabric markers at Walmart, I got an idea! We bought the markers and took a trip to the Dollar Tree to get a cheap hat. My daughter loved the idea!

I set her up with the hat and markers at the table and let her go wild! She had so much fun. When she finished, I wrote “Emmy’s Grandpa” in the middle of the hat. You could use a stencil or freehand it to make it fit with the kid drawings!

Ignore our home renovations in the background

My dad was pretty happy with the hat. He may not wear it out often, but he wore it for his grand baby and he sent a picture of it to his whole family!

When my mom’s birthday came around, I couldn’t think of a gift for her either. So I thought she might like a shirt to match my dad’s hat! She thought it was so cute. And it’s definitely something she’ll keep to remember tiny Emmy’s drawings!

There are a lot of different gifts you could make like this. I think an apron would be so sweet! Especially if your toddler likes to bake with grandma (or whoever). You could do a tote bag, socks, tea towels… the possibilities are endless!

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