Wedding DIYs

Who doesn’t love a good wedding post?

Like most girls, I dreamed of my wedding day my whole life. And, like most girls, I found that weddings are a lot more stressful than I had imagined. Other people have opinions, everything is ridiculously expensive, and things don’t always turn out the way you plan. First of all, try not to please everyone. It’s your day! Work things out with your fiancé and whoever is paying for the wedding and let other people’s opinions go.

We made almost everything for our wedding ourselves. I like crafting and I LOVE saving money! I didn’t have a blog at the time, so I don’t have pictures of the process, but here are some of the things we made for our wedding. I’ll give some detail of how they were done, but feel free to ask questions.

This was behind our head table. We had tulle and lights hanging down behind the entire table and this door right behind Mr. Rockefeller and I. Someone got married a few weeks before we did and left the tulle and lights up at our reception venue, which was so lucky!

We also got really lucky with the door. A family friend was tearing down a barn and my mom snatched up the door. My husband is the artsy one, so he bought some white acrylic paint, made an outline, and painted the Mr & Mrs himself! He’s clearly amazing. This was such an easy project. The most difficult part was keeping a smooth outline on the letters. We were worried about the door being out in the weather (it was too big and a little dirty to bring inside), but the few coats of paint didn’t bleed or wear off at all! I didn’t realize how much barn doors are in demand until I went to sell this on facebook! People went crazy when I put it up for $50.


This was our program for the ceremony. My husband came up with the idea for these. Again, he’s amazing! There are several pieces of paper overlapping one another, each one a little shorter than the next, so you can flip to whatever section you want. Unfortunately, you can’t see the bottom of the program in the pictures. It took a little bit of work to make sure that each page was the right length. We pretty much just kept typing each page, cutting the papers, and printing them to make sure they worked. We bought some brownish cardstock and cut it to fit around the paper. We glued the longest paper onto the cardstock, then we punched holes through them all at the top and tied a ribbon that matched our colors. Invite some crafty friends and family over (maybe offer some wine or cookies to lure them in) for this project. It can be a lot of work, depending on how many guests you’ll have at your wedding.

This is one of our flower girls and our ring bearer. My mom made the tutus for the flower girls with strips of tulle and elastic. You can look the tutorials up on Pinterest! They’re all over the place. My mom says they’re really easy!

The sign the ring bearer is holding is a heart shaped piece of wood we found at Walmart. We stained it and then painted “Uncle Sean, here comes your bride!” on it with acrylic paint. We got hooks to put on the back and tied ribbon on so that he could wear it around his neck.


These were our tables. Remember, things look better when the lights are dimmed. 🙂

These were our most popular decorations. Again, the incredible Mr. Rockefeller made these. His family owns a lot of land, so he picked out some trees to cut down for this project! He cut them all, used a drill with an attachment to cut out the space for the candles(I have no idea what it is… ask a guy), and got ribbon and twine to wrap around them. He just used hot glue to attach them to each other and to attach the ribbon. He made short sets and tall sets. This was his biggest project and he was really proud of how they turned out. We use them to decorate now. They were easy to separate from each other to use around the house! If you make these, either let them dry out for a long time before cutting out the candle spots or cut the hole larger than needed because ours shrunk after completely drying and they all needed redone! It was a bummer.


These were also just cut from trees that we picked out, then cut in half, and then the holes were drilled for tea lights. These were a lot easier and were so pretty!


These centerpieces were my favorite decorations at the wedding! These were cut the same way as the ones above, but without the holes for the lights. My mom is amazing at flowers, so she arranged them on top and hot glued them on. We got some of these flowers from a yard sale. We’ve seen tons of flowers at other yard sales as well, so check them out before your wedding. You might hit the perfect sale! One of the sales we went to had so many because she gave up doing flower arrangements for wedding.

BTW, these were glued on almost 2 years ago and they’re still looking great!


These wine bottles were also on the tables. We collected them from our family friends that loveeee wine! We spray painted them all yellow. They needed two coats. When they dried, we put rubber bands all over the bottles, then spray painted brown over it. Then we carefully took the rubber bands off. We waited to take them off until they were mostly dry. Make sure your paint is not going to peel off with the rubber bands if you wait. When they were all dry, we hot glued twine around the top of the bottles. This gave them a rustic touch and covered any paint errors at the top. We put a sunflower and some wheat in them on the tables!


Chalk board paint!! We bought this easel for super cheap and got a chalk marker. Chalk markers work a million times better than regular chalk.


These lined the isle. Every other row had a bow and the other ones had the bags. The burlap bags were super cheap at Walmart and my mom cut out Rs from some brown felt. We put them on with a little dot of hot glue. We put plastic bags in the bottom of the burlap bags to puff them up and then arranged the flowers! They were being put on cloth chairs, so we used safety pins to attach them.

The bows are made from burlap from Walmart. We tied them into bows and cut the tails off to make them equal lengths. We hot glued a sunflower in the middle! These were pinned on as well. We actually had a guest help us out and take them off the chairs quickly after the wedding and then pin them on the head table at the reception. You can see them in the picture of the door above. It worked out great!

I don’t have a picture of the piano without me in it (at least I got dolled up for the picture!). The LOVE on top of the piano was pretty simple to make. We bought the letters at Hobby Lobby and painted them with brown spray paint. The hardest part was getting them to stand up, especially at the same angle. We bought dowels and cut them at an angle to put on the back of the letters to stand them up. We hot glued the dowels on, but make sure they are all at the same angle before gluing them on, or you’ll be really frustrated. You have enough work to do for a wedding, you don’t want to redo projects.

My mom made my bouquet, as well as the bridesmaid’s bouquets. She is great with flower arranging. My mom was really blessed with a talent for this! She actually used a toilet paper roll for the handle and covered it in burlap. You can tell if you look at it, but no one seemed to notice. If you could find a roll with a smaller diameter, it would probably be less noticeable. Again, we just used hot glue to keep everything together! (Hot glue is good for everything.)

My mom also made my veil. It saved us about $100! We bought some higher quality tulle, a comb, and some crystals from JoAnn Fabrics. She found a tutorial online. She found tutorials that said she could use either hot glue or sew it onto the comb. She chose to sew it on. She folded it several times, then sewed it to the comb. Make sure you sew it on the correct side of the comb so that it puffs up a little bit and hangs over the comb so you can’t see it. She cut it to the length I wanted. She found that she could cut it in a circular shape at the bottom, which is what a lot of tutorials suggested, but we pretty much cut it straight across. Obviously, it needs to be perfectly straight. She used bead glue to attach the crystals. They were the perfect extra touch it needed!


Our wedding was a blast and I got to marry the man of my dreams! Planning it was stressful, but also a lot of fun. Enjoy planning and all of your DIY projects! Don’t hesitate to ask for help from family and friends (obviously I had a lot of help). We had a few craft days that were lots of fun!

I’ll be making another post about some of the fun and interesting things we did at our wedding to make it unique. Check it out!


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