25 Thoughts I’ve had as a Social Worker

I had no plan for what I was going to do with a psychology degree (Other than that I wanted to work with kids). After 4 years of college, I was having a little freak out! What the heck was I thinking choosing psychology as a major?! I started applying for a bunch of jobs that I could use my degree for. After a lot of work, I found a job! In the wonderful world of social work… I started my job the Monday after graduation. I was in for a real surprise. At least I didn’t have to hear “are you going to analyze me?” anymore after telling people my major!

So beginning my first social work job was definitely interesting. I work for a program that essentially teaches parents how to parent. I work with families with children age 5 and under. They’re the CUTEST!! But their parents are not. This job is tough, but I’m still here after almost 2 years!

Here are some things that I’ve thought since starting this job.

  1. “This is not a job I could do for the rest of my life.” I don’t make enough money and social work is so stressful! I can’t wait to stay home with my babies someday (praying for babies!!).
  2. “My job has purpose! I get to help people!” (One day)
  3. “I’m not helping any of my clients.” (Next day)
  4. “There is A LOT of paperwork at this job.” Billing and schedules and visit records and court summaries and screenings! Oh my!
  5. “I couldn’t do this without my coworkers.” I love them! They are so sweet and we all listen to each other. They have great ideas and tips. Plus they’re super fun.
  6. “My clients do not listen to me!” (Every day)
  7. “I need to pray for these families more.” They are in such need of Jesus. I pray that they’ll see Jesus in me and that they’ll see his need for Him. I pray that they’ll put the children first and give them a good life.
  8. “How am I going to keep from laughing right now.” The funniest things happen sometimes. Parents say and do ridiculous things. Plus, kids are hilarious, but it’s so hard not to laugh when they’re being disciplined.
  9. “I can’t do any more paperwork.” I’m just drowning in it and I’m so bored of sitting at my computer. I beg for it to be lunch time!
  10. “Compassion fatigue, or vicarious trauma, is a real thing.” We take on stress and symptoms from the trauma of the people we care for. Look it up!
  11. “I can’t help but cry for these kids.” I’ve cried for the kids whose parents don’t care enough to better themselves for their kids and for the kids whose parents just don’t understand how to do better.
  12. “I love seeing a parent really trying and shaping her children into successful people.” There are some parents who try so hard and are doing so well!!
  13. “My clients will never get it.” I can tell them the same thing a million times and they will not understand, not believe me, or be too lazy to try something new.
  14. “I’m bad at my job.” I think this all the time. I mess up pretty much every day.
  15. “Gosh, these kids are hilarious. They make me smile.” They are so sweet and just want love! I love these kids. When they’re not screaming and smacking me. But kids really do say the darndest things!
  16. “I’m not sure if I’ll be safe doing this job.” We teach controversial things that make people mad. I go into homes by myself where anything can happen. And I’m a weak, tiny person! I try to pull the innocent card a lot.. people don’t get mad at little ol’ me.
  17. “This house I’m visiting is disgusting.” Bugs and garbage and dirt everywhere. Gahhh. Oh, and they’re smelly.
  18. “I am so tired.” I couldn’t stay awake at home my first few weeks. Clients are exhausting. Plus, sleep is always amazing.
  19. “I’m so proud of my family today!” Sometimes they really start to try things and problem solve on their own! It might just take five-ever for them to get it!!
  20. “My funding source and company owners don’t get it. They expect too much. It’s not possible.” They don’t get to see the families. They just see numbers.
  21. “I’m getting better at my job!” I make breakthroughs of my own sometimes! I’m not very bold or outgoing, so telling families what they need to hear is a lot for me!
  22. “I do not make enough money.” $25,000 a year is not enough for all the work I do, the illnesses I’m exposed to, the stress I’m under, and the possible danger I could be in. But no one thinks they make enough money, I guess!
  23. “I love the amount of time I get off.” This is probably just my company, but I get tons of time off.
  24. “It’s so hard not to talk about my clients.” I legally can’t tell my family and friends about my clients, which is all I want to talk about sometimes! I have some of the best stories sometimes!
  25. “My job is interesting every day!” I never know what I’ll run into at this job.

If you’re starting a job, try to love it. Be positive about it and embrace the opportunity. Learn everything you can! Find Gods purpose in your job. Think about the affect you can have on the people you work with and how God is shaping you through this opportunity. Ask God for help with the hard parts!

What kind of thoughts do you have at your job?

2 thoughts on “25 Thoughts I’ve had as a Social Worker

  1. Emily woodhead says:

    You did a great job on your blog and I know you are making a difference in people’s lives! You are a very special reason, Bryanna, and I’m so proud of you!


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