How to Cut Your Own Bangs

I couldn’t stand my bangs being in my face anymore, even though Mr. Rockefeller likes them grown out (sorry sweetie!). If I had to push them out of my face one more time, I was probably going to scream. I’m really cheap, so I bravely cut them off by myself! Here’s how I did it.

First, I watched online videos on how to cut my bangs… Then I mostly winged it anyway. I’m wreckless… but I’ll call it bravery.

This is what my bangs looked like before the cut.*Low quality photos for low quality bangs.*

I found a natural spot to pull hair forward for my bangs. It’s probably 2 inches or so past my hairline. I combed everything else back.

Don’t mind my room. We moved back in with my parents and don’t have a lot of space. Plus I was lazy and didn’t make the bed and my hubby left his pants on the bed.

I looked at where my bangs naturally started and found where it fell with my eyebrow. I took a comb and lined it up at the same spot on my right eyebrow. I combed anything behind that back and put everyone else into a ponytail. Then I had the chunk of hair that would be my bangs!

I think this is a good look for me. I should’ve just stopped here. 

I sweep my bangs from my left to my right and I’m right handed, so I twisted the bangs one time. I had heard this before, but I didn’t know why you would twist. It’s so you can angle down with the scissors with your dominant hand instead of having a weird, uncomfortable hand position.  

This is where I looked at the picture and realized how awful my nails are. Maybe the next tutorial will be on nails… we’ll see. 

This is where I made my first cut. I used hair scissors. I’ve used kitchen scissors before and it works, but not as well. But then you could sing some Miranda Lambert “I cut my bangs with some rusty kitchen scissors…” I cut a very little bit at a time to make sure it wasn’t too short and to make sure the twist worked ok. Just chop at it. Go for it! I cut down at an angle. This wasn’t angled enough for me, so when I went shorter, I made the angle more extreme.

Obviously, cut 1 was not short enough, but it gave me a little confidence. I twisted again and cut shorter. It looks choppy, but that’s ok. I fixed it later. I made a bunch of very short cuts. One or two big cuts does not tend to work well.

Cut 2 was better, but I like my bangs pretty short. Mine grow super fast too. Here’s my final cut, a few cuts later, before some fixing.

Lastly, even things out while the hair falls naturally. Take the scissors and snip straight up (straighter up than in the next picture) all along the edge to make the bangs look more natural. Try not to go too crazy, but you’ll make a whole lot of snips. Try to keep everything at an even slope.

I brushed hair out of my face and got little hairs out of my eyes for about 10 minutes after finishing… so that was fun… Then found more hairs to cut that fell a little differently after taking my hair out of the ponytail. I’ll be finding hairs like that for a few days, so I’ll just keep my scissors handy!

Here are my after photos!

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