Easy DIY Flower Nails

My mom used to paint neat stuff on my nails all the time! Polka dots, flowers, stripes… She even painted panther paws on mine and my teammates nails in high school before volleyball games! So, I decided to try some flowers on my own.  They definitely turn out better when someone else does them, but I was determined to do this myself.

Here are my steps!

Step 1. Take off your 6 week old, chipped, ugly nail polish. File your nails, since they’re all uneven, if you’re anything like me. Paint them whatever pretty color you choose. This is my absolute fav nail color!

Step 2. Find a tool! This is a tool we bought a long time ago at Michaels. It’s actually meant to be used for clay, but it works perfectly for nails. You can try a quetip, but the cotton tends to get stuck in the paint. Toothpicks work well!

Step 3. Dip the tip in the paint. My mom tells me that acrylic paint works really well, but I think nail polish works just fine!

Step 4. Very carefully touch the tip to your nail to make a small dot. If someone else does it for you, it’s much easier to get a circular dot! Just do your best. Make 5 dots in a circle to make a flower! Then take a different color and make a dot in the center. It’s literally that easy.


Clean your tool off often. It gets sticky and stringy if you don’t!

Step 5. Make some more flowers! Put one on each nail or cover one nail in flowers!

Step 6. Take a bunch of pictures to post on social media because you know no one will notice them in real life.

Don’t mind the paint all over my fingers! It’ll come off in the shower.. probably.


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