God’s Plan is Bigger and Better than Mine

I’ve been thinking a lot about God’s plan lately. I’ve been trying to relate things that go on in life to God’s plan. I’ve really been taking “everything happens for a reason” seriously. Obviously, I can’t see God’s plan and I can’t determine why everything happens, but thinking about the plan more often has really been helping with my positivity. It’s honestly been freeing.

God tells us some of His plan in the Bible. We know some details of the end times from Revelation. We can see how his plan played out through Jesus Christ and that there has always been a plan for the Gentiles. We don’t know everything though. Because we don’t need to know everything. We need to have faith that God is in control! Plus, we wouldn’t understand a lot of it anyway.

I’ve been thinking of God’s plan kind of like a story, all leading toward the end times. Of course, what is in the Bible is significant to this story and that’s why it’s written down. But I keep thinking of all the Bible stories and how the “characters” were just regular people with stories that encourage others and lead to the next step of God’s plan. Even in those stories, there are so many people mentioned who seem insignificant while we’re reading through. There are even people who are talked about, but with no mention of a name. They may seem unimportant, but they were part of the story! Without them, something about the story would be different. I think we’re all just as important, even though we’re not in the Bible. We are living in the part of the story where we are used to lead others to Christ. God might also have other plans for mankind that we don’t know about. We don’t have to know God’s plan to be a part of it. The best way to be part of the plan is to be ready to be used by Him.

God’s going to make His plan happen with or without your obedience, but it’ll be a lot easier on you if you do what you are asked to do. God is all powerful. He will make His plan happen. I believe that if you do what you feel led by God to do and if you are obedient to Him, you will be blessed. You may be asked to endure some hard times. You may be asked to give things up that you care about. You may not like the path that the obedience takes you on, but I bet God will bless you for being obedient. You will turn out alright! This is what I keep reminding myself of. I keep telling myself that God’s plan is bigger than what I can see. If going through something will bring someone else to God, then it is worth it. If I’m going to be at the right place at the right time, then I’m going to put on a smile when I am running late for work or when an appointment is changed.

A perfect example of this is when I was driving for work the other day. I got brand new tires the day before and one of them went flat! I pulled over, but there was no where to get out of the way. My only choice was to pull into a driveway across the street from where I was. There was someone outside making eye contact with me, so I figured it would be OK and I pulled in. A family came out and they tried to be as helpful as possible. A man helped put my spare tire on (but the spare got messed up and my dad had to drive 45 minutes to help me anyway). This was clearly a low income family. I thought, “maybe I should give this guy some money for helping me.” It might be important to note that I almost never bring my purse in the car with me when I’m working (visiting homes). His dad’s girlfriend invited me in the entryway of the house to warm up and started telling me about her boyfriend’s medical problems and that they didn’t have enough money for food. They were not able to get on welfare yet since they moved. She said that she was supposed to be meeting a pastor about getting some financial help, but they were late because I was in their driveway and they were helping me. I thought “Oh no, what if they don’t get to see this pastor because of me?! “But, they got ready to leave after I called my dad and I gave the man some money, hoping that he would buy food with it, if the woman was telling the truth. They left and I assume they made it to the meeting with the pastor. The situation was terrible for me, but I thought that just maybe, this was part of God’s big plan. I don’t know how and I never will. I don’t know what the money was used for. I don’t know how I could have possibly helped anyone find Jesus in that situation (I didn’t even mention I was a Christian), but the thought that it could have been part of God’s plan made it so much easier to sit in my freezing cold car and wait for my parents. I didn’t think so much about myself and my problems in that moment. I thought about others. I thought about how amazing God is. I thought about how intricate God’s perfect plan is, even if this situation had nothing to do with it. Maybe the whole scenario was just meant to make me think about the plan! Who knows!
Right now, Mr. Rockefeller is going through an academy to become a Conservation Officer. When he graduates, we will have to move to wherever he is placed and we could have as little as one month’s notice of where we are going. Most likely, we will be placed in Long Island or New York City… We. Hate. The. City. But, I’ve been thinking that God has a reason and a plan for wherever we are placed. Glory will be brought to God wherever we go and we will try to play our part in the story, by being obedient to God. We are going to try to be positive about whatever placement we get, but this will be so much easier when I think about how God is going to use us as part of His amazing plan while we are there. I can’t wait to try to see the reason for wherever we are and whatever we are doing in the different stages of our life.

This is the phrase I keep thinking “God’s plan is bigger and better than mine.” I’ve known this, but it’s changed my perspective on pretty much everything when I’ve started reminding myself of it more often. And when I still need encouragement, I remind myself that those who follow God will be blessed!


Jeramiah 29:11-13 “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. In those days when you pray, I will listen. If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me.”

Featured photo edited from opposingviews.com 


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