Being Married to a Hunter

My husband is obsessed with hunting. I’m not exaggerating! He hunts literally anything that is legal. He also traps and fishes, so there is rarely a time of year that he’s not outside. I do not hunt. I go with him every once in a while, but it’s cold and there’s so much walking and I don’t know how I would do with watching an animal get shot. Plus, it gets super boring if you’re sitting and waiting.

Mr. Rockefeller always thought he wanted to be with someone who shared his passion for hunting, but he married me instead. I may not share his biggest interest, but I love to see his passion! He lights up when he gets to talk about hunting. I almost never ask him to stay home because I knew what I was getting into when I married him. We had talks about it before we got married. He gave me plenty of warnings about how much hunting and fishing will cost and that I will be seeing dead animals in my house all the time. I decided that he’s worth it.

The biggest obstacle is the amount of time hunting takes up. Mr. Rockefeller is always scouting geese or setting up trail cameras or checking traps or sitting in the woods, waiting on an animal. He always tells me how much he appreciates that I’m alright with him being gone a lot to do what he loves. He is great about it too! He can see when I need some extra time with him and he makes it a point to stay home and spend time with me. This is really encouraging for me because we do want to be parents. I know that he’ll hunt while we have kids, but I also know that he can take a break from it if I need him to. He’ll also be sharing his passion with our kids, so maybe he’ll take them with him sometimes and I’ll get some relaxation time (is it bad that I know that I’ll need it before we even have kids?)! I’m excited for him to pass his passion on to our children and for them to be able to bond through hunting.

Another reason that I don’t mind all the hunting is because I’m super cheap. I’m all for not buying meat when we don’t need to! Venison is so yummy as steak, roast, burger, jerky… we could probably have it for dinner every night. It gets pricy to buy hunting gear, licenses, and gas, but at least it saves us money on our grocery bill every month.

Like I said, I do go hunting with Mr. Rockefeller sometimes. I do enjoy going every once in a while (mostly when it’s warm)! I like to learn more about what my husband loves. I’ve learned that Mr. Rockefeller feels love through quality time spent together, so I like to spend time with him, doing what makes him happy. I also really love to go fishing with him. I surprised him when he took me the first time because I actually knew what I was doing. We decided it’s something we plan to do together a lot! …As long as he never makes me touch the fish. Yuck!

Hunting is much more than a hobby to a lot of people, including my husband. It’s a way to control the animal population, it’s a tradition and a way to bond with family, it’s a way to connect to God’s creation, and a means to feed your family. Mr. Rockefeller has made many friendships because of his passion for hunting. He’s going to an academy to become a conservation officer, which involves a lot of hunting and fishing regulations and just generally being outdoors, so it can affect work too. Hunting is something to work hard for. It’s a sport that you can always be learning more about. Ultimately, it’s a passion.

If you’ve never met anyone with a strong passion for something, find one and talk to them about what they love. Watch their eyes light up when they get to talk about their passion. Try to listen to and encourage their love for whatever their passion is. It’s amazing. If you decide to marry a person with such a strong passion, be prepared to make some sacrifices. Know what you’re getting into! Try not to pull your spouse away from what they love (you don’t want him or her to resent you!). It’s not wrong to hope that your spouse will make choices that will benefit your marriage over his or her interests, but remember that marriage is all about give and take. You’ll both be happier if you get interested in his or her passion, so try it out!



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