Lazy Girl Workouts

I’ve always hated working out! It’s like torture to me. People say that once they start working out, they feel so good and they just want to keep doing it. Nope. Not me. I want to lay on the couch. But, I do want to try to be a little more healthy and I don’t want to start gaining weight now that I’m out of school.

So, naturally, I looked for the easiest kind of workout possible. I started with yoga. I did yoga in college, so I know that all yoga workouts end with a nap on the floor. Perfect lazy girl workout! Yoga can actually be a great workout though. It builds strength and works on balance. After a few weeks of yoga, I was hoping for a little more and I was really getting annoyed with hearing things like “clear your mind and breathe in love for your body” kind of stuff. (I did, however, like my dad’s jokes about the yoga videos. I did yoga in the living room and he would come in the room and mimic a yoga move and say things like chimichanga instead of a real yoga position name). I started doing Pilates, which is where I am now.

I just find videos on the internet. It’s so easy! And I can do videos that are only about 10 minutes long if I want to! There are videos of all different lengths and at all different levels. Here are my two favorite channels that I’ve been using:

  1. Boho beautiful has awesome videos. This girl is so amazing at yoga and pilates! When she does some of the exercises, it looks like her legs can’t even be her legs because they’re so long and straight. Haha! Watch one. You’ll see what I mean.

    Photo from her blog on her website:

  2. Blogilates is another great youtube channel. This instructor is super encouraging and really has you work hard. She has some eating tips on her website too, if you’re into eating better (I wish I was).

This photo is from her website, (

Other than these, I pretty much just search pilates on google or youtube and see what pops up. They’ve been good, for the most part!

So, if you’d like to get a little bit of a workout (or even a moderately difficult one), but don’t want to get off your living room floor for 90% of the workout, look up some yoga or pilates and get started! You have no excuse! There are tons of videos, some as short at 5 minutes, on the internet and all you need is yourself and the floor! You can do the workouts in private so no one is watching you, like at a gym. You can do the workouts outside and enjoy the weather (if it ever gets warm). And it actually really works! You’ll feel sore! It’s just perfect for us ladies who can’t bring themselves to go for a run or lift weights.


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