We’re Looking All Over When God’s Right in Front of Us!

I absolutely love this quote that I found on Pinterest.

God is everywhere. You just have to open your eyes. Literally, look around wherever you are right at this moment. You can probably see something or someone who is a blessing, given to you by God. I’m looking around my bedroom and seeing a lot of stuff that I don’t even need, but I remember that I’m not struggling with poverty like so many are. I see a picture of my amazing husband. I see gifts from loved ones. The fact that I’m in my bedroom at my parent’s house, which I recently moved back into, reminds me of God’s perfect plan and the way that He makes everything work out. I see my Bible on my end stand, which allows me to hear from God. I’m literally surrounded by blessings.

You can peak out your window and see His beauty as well, whether in the people you see in the city or the nature you see in the country. His creation is everywhere! Even if you look outside and see a storm, you can be reminded of God’s power. I particularly love looking up at the stars and remembering how big God is.

You can look at your very own body and remember what a miracle it is that you still have breath in your lungs. You can think about the amazingly intricate systems of your body that God created to work together perfectly. Think of how amazing it is that you developed inside your mother’s womb and have now grown into this person that you are today.

God is everywhere. Hopefully, including inside your heart. The holy spirit enters our hearts when we accept Christ’s sacrifice and decide to follow Him throughout our lives. You can always find Him there.

Sometimes, I feel that I can literally breathe God in. He is so present everywhere and in everything. His plan is working at all times and He brings meaning into everyday experiences. You don’t need to try to find God. He’s not hiding. Just open your eyes and your heart and see that He is everywhere.


Featured image from cgittings.tumblr.com


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