Happy Mother’s Day!

Aren’t moms amazing? I hope your mom is even half as incredible as my mom.

My mom was wonderful while I was growing up. She was always making memories with us (like dancing in the kitchen) and teaching us life lessons. She even dealt with my handful of a little brother (sorry Bud, but let’s be honest… you cried for 2 years straight after you were born).

When I was in high school, my mom loved to have all of my friends over to the house. She loved knowing what was going on in our lives and giving advice about boys and friendships and hearing our funny stories. She loved to have everyone come over to get ready for the school dances and to take pictures. I know she misses that now that I’m older.

She was a great mom for her little children and her teenagers, but I think she’s an even more amazing mom now. Maybe (probably) I just appreciate her more now that I’m older, but I think that she’s really good at this stage of parenting. My mother is a particularly good listener and sympathizer. She is a problem solver and an encourager. She’s exactly the kind of mom that a college student or a new employee or a newlywed needs.

People love to talk to my mom and tell her what is going on in their lives. She asks the right questions and gives advice where it’s needed. She really listens. When going through all kinds of new, adult things, she’s been there. She’s let me vent and has encouraged me. She’s reminded me of my blessings and to be thankful. She lets me figure things out on my own and make my own choices, but she’s always there to guide me in the right direction.

Right now, my mom (and dad) are letting my husband and I live with them while Mr. Rockefeller is at a police academy during the weeks. They did not even hesitate to let us move back in the house. They act like I never moved out and that my husband is one of their own. I am so appreciative that they have welcomed us into their home (which she says will always be my home) and that they are being so supportive. At the beginning of the academy, my mom was ironing my husband’s suit and cutting his hair every week. She asks him questions about the academy all the time. She knows that I need to stay busy while he’s gone, so (you guessed it) she keeps me busy!

Not to mention, my mom is just fun to be with. She is always up for doing something exciting. We have a blast shopping together, in particular. She is very social, but she also  likes to stay in and spend time with the family in the living room, talking, laughing, and playing games. She’s just a cool mom.

When the academy is over, Mr. Rockefeller and I will have to move. I’m so sad that we will have to move away from her (and the rest of our families). But I know that she will be supporting us wherever God takes us. She’ll always be ready for a phone conversation and she’ll let us stay at her house when we come to visit and she’ll come to see us.

Kids, remember that your mom is probably going to become your best friend someday. If she’s anything like mine, she’ll always, always be there for you. Let her mother you because you’ll appreciate it someday.

Moms, if it feels like your kids don’t appreciate you, keep doing what you’re doing and give it some time. They’ll realize how awesome you are and see all that you’ve done for them.

Mom, thank you for being amazing and for all that you do for me. Thank you for being the mom that anyone would want (you are second mom to many). I appreciate everything that you’ve done and have gone through from the time I was born, to childhood, to my awkward teen years, to breakups, to college, to new jobs, to marriage. Happy Mother’s Day. I love you.


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