Yard Sale Advertising

So you’re having a yard sale… What is the most important part of having a sale? You can put all the work in the world into pricing and organizing, but it’ll get you nowhere if you don’t have customers. Getting people to your sale is most important. So advertise!

Put up signs. I had a yard sale this past weekend and I was so excited to make the signs! I found some funny signs on Pinterest that I really wanted to try out. Most of the tasks for planning a yard sale are pretty boring and just feel like work, so getting to be a little creative added some fun to the yard sale! These are the signs that I made (I added the dates and start time last minute, just in case the weather forecast changed. I didn’t want to have to make all new signs if the sale rained out!)

Life changing yard sale, Everything you’ve ever wanted, Our husbands are making us sell it, Put our junk in your trunk

The signs are large, easy to read, and are a bright color. They caught my eye as I drove by them and I already knew what they said! I put some silly sayings on them to get people interested. Definitely have “Sale” written somewhere on your signs, put your location, and let people know the date and time. I didn’t put an end time on my signs because I didn’t want to feel obligated to keep the sale going later into the day than necessary. If it slowed down too much, I wanted to clean up for the day. I also used a landmark to identify my location rather than putting my address. Not everyone can do this, but I think it’s easier for people to find you when they’re not searching for house numbers. I think this method worked out well for our neighbors too! The family two houses down from us happened to have their sale the same day, so the signs had people on the lookout for a sale in the area already.

I live right on the main road and advertising doesn’t seem to make much of a difference for us, but if you’re not in a high traffic area, definitely advertise your sale. I made 4 signs, which was actually probably more than we needed. I put them up the day before the sale. Think logically. If you can, put signs near intersections where people have to stop their vehicles and will have some time to read the signs. Put signs with arrows at the end of your street. I’ve found arrows to be very helpful when I am driving around looking for a sale.

Advertise in your newspaper. Again, I don’t need to advertise a ton because of my location, so I didn’t put an ad in the paper. If you’re not on the main road, the newspaper is a great place to advertise your sale. When we go, we often map out our morning of yard saling using the newspaper ads and then catch unadvertised sales along the way. Newspaper ads can be expensive and you usually pay per word or per line, so keep your ad short. Include the date, time, location, and name some big items (treadmill, dining room set, etc.) or what you have a lot of (kid’s toys, baby clothes, tools, etc.).

Advertise on the internet. You can use a similar ad on the internet to what you would put in the newspaper, but you’re not charged, so you can write as much as you want. Don’t write every item that you have, but write what you think is necessary to get people to your sale. Pictures are eye catching, so add them to your posts. You can post for free on Craigslist by going to your region, clicking “post,” choosing “items for sale” then “garage sale,” writing your ad, then publishing it.

You can also post on your Facebook page. I have joined several online garage sale groups for my area, so I posted on all of those pages. The picture I used in my posts was of the signs I made for the sale. After the sale was actually set up, I took pictures of it and added them to the posts on Facebook.  Adding pictures of the sale can be really beneficial. People see things in the pictures and message you to see if you can save them for them or if they’re still available, then they’ll make the trip to the sale for the items they saw. I Snapchatted the sale too and got a message about an item someone saw in the Snapchat on my story. If two of the items had not sold before I got messages, I would have had 3 sales through social media. I ended up having one that worked out. Not bad!


Here are some more signs that I found on Pinterest that are pretty fun!

Uploaded by Gina VanGundy.

I found these ones here.


Good luck and have fun!!


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