Drink More Water

Everybody knows we’re supposed to drink water. We hear it all the time. But why? What does it do for us?

Well, I tried to start drinking more water. I’m sure I’ve experienced a lot of benefits from it (peeing a million times a day in the beginning was not one of them), but one stands out in particular. I don’t feel so tired anymore!

I don’t drink coffee or have much caffeine at all. I’ve always felt exhausted throughout the day. I thought I just got bored at my job and needed more sleep. I started drinking more water and I feel good and rested almost every day now! It feels so good!

According to Healthyfutures.nea.org and the CDC, some other benefits of drinking more water include:

1. Weight loss

2. Regulating body temperature

3. Protecting joints and tissues

4. Removing waste from the body

5. Relief of headaches and migraines

6. Better mood (think of the people around you!)

7. Healthy, younger looking skin

8. Preventing bad breath

A general guideline of how much water you should drink a day is taking your weight in pounds, dividing it in half, and drinking that number of ounces of water. So I weigh about 114 lbs. so I should drink 57 oz. of water a day. I drink out of a water bottle that has ounces printed on the side of it. It’s very helpful and encouraging! You can even write yourself motivating notes on your water bottle to get you through the day.  It’s tough at first, but it gets easier.

There are some signs to look for when you’re drinking more water and you’re seeing if you’re hydrated. If your urine is clear, you’re good. If not, get a drink. I’ve also heard that your tongue should be pink, not white, if you’re hydrated. I think those are probably the easiest way to tell.

Stay hydrated, friends!

Featured photo from forestcountypublic health.com


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