Protest Confusion

I guess that I just don’t get it maybe? I hope that someone can help me understand.

Maybe that’s the root of the division in this recent issue… we just don’t understand each other.

I have no problem with people protesting for what they believe in. That is our right, as Americans. I just don’t think the point is getting across. I think there is a miscommunication happening.

To me, the flag represents America as a whole. The National Anthem and the flag remind me that soldiers have given their lives for our country.

It seems to me that those protesting during the National Anthem have a different understanding of these things. Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t see how the National Anthem or the flag have anything at all to do with racism or Donald Trump or police officers or division.

The NFL players who are taking a knee are supposed to be protesting police brutality right?

Well, I’m sorry to tell you, protestors, that is not what the rest of the country is getting from this. Apparently, you see the flag as representing the president and representing police officers (maybe?). The people that you are trying to influence with your protest see the flag as representing fallen soldiers, our country as a whole, and freedom (like your freedom to protest).

So maybe you can protest what you want to protest in a way that makes sense to the rest of the country. I don’t think most people are angry that you are protesting for what you believe in, we just feel that you are disrespecting our country because you are seeing our patriotic symbols as something that they’re not.

And if you’re not seeing the symbols as something else… if you are taking a knee even though you realize that you are disrespecting our military and your fellow Americans… then I agree with Trump. You should be fired. And you should be taught a lesson about what kinds of sacrifices were made in order for you to have the privileges you have. 

I could be wrong. I don’t know much about the issue, honestly. Maybe there is less miscommunication than I think. I’d love to understand… so feel free to comment and explain this all to me a little better!

That’s the goal, right? To help everyone understand the issues!

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