Slander and Gossip

I’ve been listening to Chip Ingram’s sermons lately. They’re awesome! (I highly recommend downloading the Chip Ingram app.)

The other day, I heard a sermon on slandering and gossiping about people. Chip said that you slander someone any time you talk about him and the person you’re talking to thinks less of him after your conversation than before it. 

Wow. That’s hard.

I heard that a couple of weeks ago and I’ve really been trying to watch what I say since then. So many times, I’ve left a conversation and then realized what I’d just said about someone and then asked for forgiveness. It’s happened a bunch in just a couple of weeks! It’s really tough, but I’m going to keep working on it. It’s so important!

Slandering is definitely not loving, but Christians do it all the time. Imagine what people would see in Christians if we could stop slandering others! It’s something people would definitely notice and hopefully admire.

I hope you choose to work on this with me!
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