Talk with kids

I don’t have children, but I see kids almost every day. I get to look into parenting from the outside, which allows me to see things differently from how the parents see them. I’ve realized that something parents forget to do is talk to their kids.

Parents have a million and one things on their plates. Even parents who truly prioritize their children sometimes forget to just sit and talk to and listen to their kids. 

I’m amazed at how many parents don’t know what their children have been doing at school. Talking to the teacher is a great idea, but you show your child that you’re interested in their lives when you ask them about their day. Some kids are stubborn and won’t tell you about their days, but it’s worth asking! Asking specific questions sometimes helps. Rather than asking “how was your day?” you can ask “what was your favorite part of your day?” or “what books did you read today?” It doesn’t have to be school. Talk to your kids about anything in their lives!

I know some parents get worried about their children’s behaviors. Something changes in their children and they do everything to try to figure out how to fix the problems, but they don’t ask their children! Obviously, kids don’t always tell their parents everything. And children often don’t know what’s bothering them, but what if they have the answer!? What if they’ve been holding on to something that they just want to tell someone about?

Plus… kids are funny and interesting and loving and fun to talk to. You’ll probably enjoy talking to children, whether they’re yours or not.

Please, talk to children. I’ve seen too many children hurting because no one has paid them enough attention or they haven’t been listened to. It breaks my heart to see, so it must be breaking their hearts too.
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