Our Move to Long Island

I haven’t been blogging for quite a while because things have been crazy!

Mr. Rockefeller graduated from the academy on August 25th. Since then, he’s been doing his dream job in our area, but we knew that a move was inevitable. We loved being near both of our families and we didn’t want to move, but we want to follow God’s plan for our lives, so we decided to take the move on with a positive attitude. Mr. Rockefeller has to work wherever there are openings, which means Long Island for a couple of years.

We didn’t know where or when we would be moving for sure until the beginning of November and it turned out that we needed to be moved to Long Island by November 30th! Actually, we’ve been living here for a week and there’s a small possibility that we could get a different location on December 20th and have to move again! (We’d love a location closer to home, but another move would be crazy all over again.)

Our apartment was a huge blessing. I had been looking for apartments in Long Island for months because I knew that a lot of people fresh out of this academy go there. I was budgeting and looking into locations on Long Island that would be safe and less populated. One night, Sean told me that all of the new officers got an email from someone who taught at the academy, letting them know that there was an apartment available on Long Island. Mr. Rockefeller planned to call about it the next day to ask some questions, but he was sitting on the couch thinking about it and decided to call right then (it was like 8:00 at night). We were the first ones to call, so the apartment was ours if we wanted it (which we did)!

The apartment has a bedroom, which doesn’t sound that exciting, but most of what we found in our price range were studio apartments. We were also having trouble finding anything with off street parking, but we have two parking spots here! The apartment is plenty big enough, the neighborhood is really nice, there are other police officers near by, the rent is reasonable, and our landlord is great. God definitely provided for us! Which makes us even more sure that this move is part of His plan.

Of course, Mr. Rockefeller was finishing packing and preparing for the move until late on Saturday night because he waited until last minute to do some of it. *Insert eye roll emoji* But he got everything done and we packed everything into my dad’s racing trailer, his truck, and our truck. My poor, beloved Taurus X had to stay home so that my dad can sell it because we only have enough parking spots for the truck and Mr. Rockefeller’s patrol vehicle. (Side note: We looked ridiculous driving through the city in our pick-up truck covered in hunting stickers.) We also said goodbye to our family that night, which was the hardest part of the move, by far.

We set out on our trip on Sunday morning with my parents and my in-laws. We knew it would take longer than the internet calculated because of the trailer, but we had no idea how difficult it was going to be to get through the city with a that thing! Here’s a tip if you’re going to drive through a city with a trailer: map out a drive ahead of time that avoids parkways so that you don’t get lost and have to sit in a hospital parking lot staring at a GPS for 15 minutes, searching for an alternate route.

We finally made it to our new home and we were so thankful to have help moving in from our parents. We are so blessed to have parents who are willing to drive almost 10 hours with all of our stuff, help us move in, take a day off of work, and who are so loving and supportive through all of it! It was really tough when they left to head back home.

We spent the next few days unpacking, cleaning, and decorating. I got all of our Christmas decorations out and Mr. Rockefeller was willing to help me with them, even though everything else wasn’t completely finished yet. He hung pictures up on the wall, hung lights around the living room for me, and let me decorate however I wanted! We even assembled a storage shelf together with no arguing! Yeah, we’re pretty much a perfect couple. 😉

I didn’t realize how many decorations we had been given for our wedding and how many knickknacks and wall hangings we had accumulated in just two years. I guess that’s what happens when you move from a 4 bedroom house to a 1 bedroom apartment! So, I didn’t get to buy any new decorations (bummer!), but we made the apartment feel like home! I am waiting on a new comforter that will match better and blackout curtains for the bedroom that I ordered off Amazon. We also need some blinds for the living room (We’re blocking the light with a cardboard box in the window right now. Classy.), and then our apartment will be all set!

On Sunday, we tried out a church and we really liked it. We’re excited that we found one so quickly and we’re hoping to be able to get involved there. We’ve also found A LOT of shopping, which I’m much more excited about than Mr. Rockefeller. We’ve also been learning what time rush hour is, how to use a laundromat (we spent $7 on one load! Ah!), and that a “diner” is not like a diner where we come from (waiters in ties and $30 entrees?!).

I’m waiting to find a job until after Christmas so we can go visit family for a few days around then. I also have to testify in court because of my last job at the beginning of January, so I would need a couple of days off to testify over the phone. I’m hoping to find a part time job so that I can still see Mr. Rockefeller a lot and so we can go home more often, but we’ll see what God has in store for me! In the meantime, I’m being a wife! But I’m getting really bored, so feel free to comment some hobby ideas!

If you had told either of us that we were going to move to Long Island 5 years ago, we would have thought you were insane. This was definitely not in either of our plans, but it was in God’s. I’m still not sure why God decided to put us on Long Island. Maybe it’s to strengthen our marriage, to push us out of our comfort zone, or to spread the word of God to someone, but we are ready to do whatever we’re called to do while we’re here!

2 thoughts on “Our Move to Long Island

  1. Laura Lee says:

    God is blessing you Mr and Mrs Rockefeller. We all miss you but know this is part of Gods plan and so ….. the adventure and opportunities begin again. Love you both!
    Pastor Ben and Laura Lee💖


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