Wedding Card Craft

I never would have guessed how many cards couples get when they get married until I was sitting at my kitchen table with my new husband, ripping open hundreds of envelopes! Obviously, we read all of the cards, took all of the money out of the cards, and decided how to spend it wisely (the most exciting part). But then what? Throwing all of those kind words into the garbage feels a little wrong, doesn’t it? So I thought of a couple of projects to try out using my wedding and bridal shower cards.

First, I chose cards that were from people we’re really close with, handmade cards, or cards with meaningful notes written in them. I did throw some cards away, especially ones that were duplicates with little writing (I think the Dollar General only sells one wedding card, and half of our guests shopped there).

On Pinterest, I found an idea for a book of wedding cards! Here is a link to a gorgeous one that someone made. I don’t have a picture of mine and I didn’t make mine look quite as nice as this one, but my cards are neatly stored and are easy to read whenever I want to.

Here is the picture from from a blog post called So Your Wedding Is Over: Now What by Amanda Nguyen:

This image is from took some work because the cards are all different sizes. I put mine in order of smallest to largest and decided where the holes needed to go to line everything up. It took a lot of measuring, but I also didn’t have great tools for the job. Attach the cover and connect all of the cards through the holes using string, ribbon, or book rings, and you’re done!

I saved a few other cards as well, just because they were really pretty. So I decided to make something with those too! I cut circles out of the cards and made a collage with them, then put it in a frame. Here is a picture of mine.

I’ve also seen people use a heart shaped cut-out to do the same thing. Here is a link to one that looks beautiful! I just glued my pieces on the paper, but I believe she used pins. Using a die-cut hole puncher would also be a million times easier than cutting them out by hand, like I did (I was a newlywed.. we had no money for non-essentials, like crafting supplies!).

These are both great crafts and beautiful reminders of the people who were at your wedding to celebrate with you!

Keep these projects in mind for baby showers, Christmases, and Birthdays too!

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