Big News!!

Mrs. Rockefeller is baaaack!

And with some amazing news.

We’re pregnant!!!!

Mr. Rockefeller and I are extremely happy to be expecting our sweet baby on December 17th, 2018.

I will be 13 weeks tomorrow. Since we waited a while to announce the pregnancy and didn’t tell anyone that we were trying to have a baby, I’ll write about what’s been going on up to this point!

Mr. Rockefeller and I decided to start trying to get pregnant while he was still in the Conservation Officer Academy. It was around April. Of course, that wasn’t great timing, since he was gone during the week every week. It was difficult to wait to begin trying until we were both ready, but I had no idea how difficult it would be to wait to get pregnant. I had heard other people talk about it before and thought it was kind of silly that they were upset after trying for only a few months, when there are people who have been trying for years and years! But now I understand.

Although it was difficult, and even scary, to learn that I was not pregnant each month, for 12 months, I learned and grew a lot in that year. I learned how to pray better, how to rely on my husband, and how to turn to scripture for encouragement and to pray over. I heard a sermon during the waiting period on just that, waiting. I was reminded that great things happen after a period of waiting, including Jesus’s entire ministry. Jesus waited about 30 years to begin his ministry! And I was struggling with waiting a few months or years (we had no idea how long we’d be waiting) for what I felt God was calling me to do!

A friend suggested that I read “The Circle Maker” by Mark Batterson. I happened to start reading it while we were trying and it changed how I prayed for a baby. It also changed how I will be praying for the things that I hope for in the future! I also prayed over some scripture while I was waiting, which taught me more about what a reward and blessing children are and reminded me that prayers will be answered in God’s timing. You can read which verses I chose in this post.

I was worried that it was taking so long to get pregnant. This may be TMI, but I had a menstrual cycle that was definitely not what it was supposed to be. I feared that if I went to the doctor again, they were going to tell me that something was wrong and that I couldn’t get pregnant. I sometimes believed the lies that God was punishing me for something or that I wasn’t praying “right” or that I was mistaken about God’s plans for me. I was turning to prayer and the scriptures that I had picked out and written down to overcome Satan’s deception and to try to forget the lies.

I was trying to be hopeful and my husband did a great job of staying optimistic and encouraging me through the waiting period. I must admit that I was losing a little bit of hope as we neared a year of trying. All of the research that I read said that after a year of trying, a woman needs to see the doctor because there is likely something wrong. I had just found out that my thyroid levels were a concern after some routine bloodwork and I needed to return for further testing. I then learned that thyroid issues could cause difficulties in getting pregnant and carrying a baby. I had just started working, which was a little bit stressful, and we found out that we needed to move… again, which was a lot stressful. I was also taking ovulation tests. I was very happy to find out that I was ovulating, but I was ovulating at different times of the month, and later in the month than most women. BUT… God used these amazingly unlikely circumstances to show us His power and that this pregnancy was His plan.

I was only 4 days late, which would not have been all that unusual for me, but it was Mr. Rockefeller’s birthday and if we were pregnant, we thought it would be cool to find out that day. It was the day that we moved in to our new apartment. We were not expecting a positive result, but we were so happy to see two pink lines! (Well, after I explained how to read a pregnancy test to Mr. Rockefeller.) We forgot what we had been unpacking and sat down, laughing at the fact that we could barely process what we had just learned… and that we had just moved everything into a one bedroom apartment and we needed to find space for a baby now too!

If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m a worrier. I’m working on it! But six days after getting a positive pregnancy test (here comes more TMI) I bled a little bit of bright red blood and totally freaked out. I was on my knees, praying that our baby would be OK. I was crying in my husband’s arms every day (he was amazing). I continued to spot until my appointment 5 days later. Anything I read on the internet made me believe I was having a miscarriage and the appointment brought no answers. We waited a whole week more before having another ultrasound and everything turned out to be alright! I was so relieved! I’ve had spotting a few more times already and it’s really scary, but everything has turned out to be OK so far! I’m trying really hard to not worry too much and just enjoy the blessing that this tiny baby is.

Other than the spotting, my pregnancy has been fantastic! I haven’t been tired, I’ve had no food aversions, and no nausea. I feel great so far, and I’m really close to the second trimester! We’ve had 4 ultrasounds done, but the most recent one was sooo exciting. We were 12 weeks and three days along and we had no idea that our two inch long baby would really look like a baby. He or she has long legs and arms. We could even see the fingers! We saw the brain through the top of the head and the heart beat. We heard the heart beat too! It was most amazing to watch our little baby squirm around. He or she turned and flipped and kicked its legs around. It was amazing! I was even more in awe of the miracle that God has blessed us with.

We are so thankful that God has answered our prayers and has called us to be parents.

We welcome your prayers for our baby (and maybe for my anxieties too).


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