New Apartment Decorating

Not too long ago, I posted pictures of our apartment that we moved to in Long Island. We lived there for about 5 months and then we had to move again!!! Mr. Rockefeller took a transfer farther out on the island, so we had to move past a certain point. It was only about 30 minutes from where we were living, so it was frustrating, but we’ve lived in the new apartment for about 3 months now and we’re enjoying it! We actually found out that we were expecting a baby on the day we moved in! (It was also Mr. Rockefeller’s birthday, which was awesome).

This apartment was a little harder for me to decorate and some things will be changing when the baby comes, but I’ll show you what our apartment looks like for now! I’m also hoping to get a new comforter, we’re getting rid of the “office” for the baby stuff, we’d like a new coffee table, and we’ve thought about redoing the kitchen table.

Here it is!!

I plan on making another post when I get baby stuff and decorate for the baby a little bit… with some tips on fitting a baby in a one bedroom apartment!

Hopefully I can figure out how to decorate this small apartment for Christmas with a newborn and I can post pictures of that too!

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