7 Best Products for Baby’s First 6 Weeks

Our little Emmy is 6 weeks old now! We’ve had a pretty easy month and a half so far, but some products have definitely made life easier!

And you know these suggestions are legit because there are no affiliate links!

1. Boppy Lounger

We’ve all heard of the famous boppy pillow, but the boppy lounger is different. It’s not a breastfeeding pillow, but the perfect spot to set your newborn in! It’s easy to move around the house because it’s so light and can be placed on the bed, couch, or floor. Plus, it’s awesome for taking pictures of your baby in!

Photo from pottery barn kids

2. Haakaa

I really didn’t understand what this thing was or what I needed it for, but I was told I needed to get one. Now I see… this thing is awesome! I haven’t started really pumping yet, but I started using the Haakaa a couple of weeks ago. It’s just a silicone pump that suctions to your breast. I use it when the baby only eats off one side or when I’m leaking after a hot shower. You just squeeze it, put it over your nipple, let go, and go about your business! It suctions, so you don’t need to hold it or “pump” in any way. It’s great to attach it to whichever breast the baby isn’t on while she’s eating! It’s been a great way to start building a little stash without really pumping.

Photo from Haakaausa.com

3. Wrap

I got a Moby Wrap at my baby shower, which I didn’t even register for. Oh my word, it’s awesome! I get to cuddle the baby while I walk around and get things done around the house! I haven’t used it outside of the house yet, but I think it’ll be great for going shopping or to public places where I don’t want lots of people touching the baby and passing her their germs. I think I could also use the bathroom while I wear it, which will be so helpful! I have a baby carrier too, but I haven’t tried it yet.

4. Swaddlers

I’m not talking about blankets to swaddle with. Swaddlers. They Velcro! So easy and they don’t come loose! I have a couple made by Halo and they’re my favorites. They’re warm and the feet part unzips from the bottom, so if the baby is in a onesie or PJs that snap at the bottom, you don’t have to unswaddle the baby to change a diaper in the middle of the night!

5. Pacifiers

I read that you shouldn’t give a breastfed baby a pacifier too soon because of nipple confusion, but other moms told me they did it and didn’t have a problem, so I went for it. I’m so glad we decided to give them to our baby! She loves her binkies! And she hasn’t had any issues with feeding.

Photo from USA.philips.com

6. Owlet

I wanted an Owlet so bad! My parents got me one for Christmas because they’re so expensive. The smart sock is amazing! If you don’t know what it is, it’s a little sock that you put on your baby that uses Bluetooth to communicate to a base and your phone, which both alert you if your baby’s oxygen levels or heart rate levels are out of range. We’ve gotten two alerts so far. Which means I’ve had two heart attacks, but she was fine! I’m not sure if they were false readings or not, but I’d rather have some extra false readings than not know if something is wrong! I sleep a million times better than I would if I didn’t have the owlet. I still checked her breathing fairly often when we first got the owlet, so I know I would be really paranoid without it!!

Photo from Amazon.com

7. Cosleeper Bassinet

I DO NOT condone cosleeping. That’s why I love my Arm’s Reach Cosleeper Bassinet so much! (There are other kinds of cosleeper bassinets too, which I’m sure work great.) This one attaches to the side of our bed and matches up with the height of our mattress. She’s close enough to soothe from my spot in bed and I don’t have to get up to feed her! It’s amazing! I can see her every time I open my eyes, which is so comforting. Plus, you can’t roll over on your baby, which is most important!

Photo from babysleepadvice.com

So these are my favorite products so far. They make life so much easier! They are also a great reminder that I am sooo blessed to have such luxuries in my life.

What are some of your favorite things for baby?

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