Girl’s Pink Dinosaur Themed First Birthday Party

Our girl is one! We had a party for her a couple of days before her actual birthday with family and a couple of mommy’s friends. Continue reading

7 Best Products for Baby’s First 6 Weeks

Our little Emmy is 6 weeks old now! We’ve had a pretty easy month and a half so far, but some products have definitely made life easier!

And you know these suggestions are legit because there are no affiliate links!

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Ways to Get the Most out of Your Bible

I’ve always read my Bible pretty consistently (like, since I was a kid), but I never felt like I was understanding it. A lot of times, I would read a chapter of the Bible and it would all go into my brain and right back out. It was frustrating! And of course, it still happens sometimes, but I think I’ve found a method that works for me. Continue reading

Verses to Pray When You’re Trying to get Pregnant

When trying to conceive, you should definitely be praying that God’s will be done and that you will have a child in His timing. However, even while praying, it can become frustrating and worrisome each time that you are not pregnant. It requires a lot of patience and faith. These are some verses that I prayed over while trying to get pregnant and verses that provided comfort in my waiting. I hope they are helpful to you! Continue reading