How to Save Burnt Cookies

So, I can’t save your entirely burnt cookies, but there may be hope for your cookies that are burnt on the bottom!

Here’s my Snapchat story of what happened today:

I thought I was going to have to throw the cookies away, but I got my cheese grater out and went to work!

It worked wonderfully! My arms were tired, but I saved the cookies! If you’re going to do this, make sure you have something to catch all the tiny burnt crumbs. My bowl worked for the most part, but I should’ve used a cookie sheet or a bunch of paper towels to make clean up easier.

Also, just so you know, a knife did not work at all.

Then, all that’s left to do is EAT!!


Wedding Card Craft

I never would have guessed how many cards couples get when they get married until I was sitting at my kitchen table with my new husband, ripping open hundreds of envelopes! Obviously, we read all of the cards, took all of the money out of the cards, and decided how to spend it wisely (the most exciting part). But then what? Throwing all of those kind words into the garbage feels a little wrong, doesn’t it?  Continue reading

Yard Sale Advertising

So you’re having a yard sale… What is the most important part of having a sale? You can put all the work in the world into pricing and organizing, but it’ll get you nowhere if you don’t have customers. Getting people to your sale is most important. So advertise! Continue reading

Yard Sale Finds

I don’t know how anyone could not love yard sales! It’s super fun to see all of the neat stuff that people have, but you can also get things for super cheap!! What’s not to love? This weekend, I went to yard sales for about 2 and a half hours. Much of that time was taken up by my mom talking to people she ran into as well. We weren’t at sales for long, but I found some awesome stuff!

I wasn’t looking to buy anything really, especially because I plan to move soon, but I’ll show you what I did buy. Continue reading