Stop Telling Your Kids No

If you just read the title of this blog, you probably think I’m crazy. But I’m not. I’m not telling you not to correct your children, but I’m going to make a suggestion about how you do it. Continue reading


12 Tips for Time Outs

Time outs work for kids. You can tell me that they don’t work all you want, but I believe they can stop a behavior if they are carried out properly. Time outs are frustrating and time consuming, but completely worth it once you get yourself and your child into the routine. Here are my tips on using time outs!

  1. When you start using time outs, explain the process to your child. Let them practice it with a stuffed animal or doll. Continue reading

Don’t Let Your Toddler Overpower You: Dealing with Tantrums

So, I educate parents for a living. I get questions about discipline all the time! Obviously, I don’t know what to do in every situation and my suggestions don’t work every time, but parents rarely implement the advice I give them. I’ve noticed that parents don’t want to put in a lot of effort. What parents don’t understand is that working really hard at discipline for a little while makes sooo much less work for them in the long run. Come on people! Your toddler will figure you out, find your breaking point, and push you to it every time once he or she finds it! YOU’RE LETTING A TINY, SWEET FACED, 26 POUND, 2 YEAR OLD OVERPOWER YOU!!! Continue reading