7 Relationship Mistakes to Avoid

I work with people, so naturally, I hear a lot about relationships. I hear about relationships in all aspects of my life, really. So, I’ve made a list of some things to avoid in relationships based on what I’ve seen in the people around me (it’s always easier to see problems and solutions in someone else’s life!)

So, here we go. Here are some mistakes to avoid making in your romantic relationships. Continue reading


Divorce is Not an Option

Our society has really screwed us over. Society has taught us to do whatever makes us happy. Our society has made us selfish and lazy… and lonely.

I’ve literally had a married person say to me, “I know I said vows, but it doesn’t matter. I’m not going to stay in this marriage if I’m not happy.”  How do people not see the problem with this?! You became one when you got married! You made a commitment! If ending the relationship was an option, why did you get married? Just continue dating and avoid the extra heartache when it ends.  Continue reading