Wedding Card Craft

I never would have guessed how many cards couples get when they get married until I was sitting at my kitchen table with my new husband, ripping open hundreds of envelopes! Obviously, we read all of the cards, took all of the money out of the cards, and decided how to spend it wisely (the most exciting part). But then what? Throwing all of those kind words into the garbage feels a little wrong, doesn’t it?  Continue reading

DIY shower cleaner: A Pinterest Test

So, I had the day off of work today. It was incredible. I haven’t taken a full day off in a long time and I had an extremely stressful week last week, so I could not wait to relax! I did find a few things to do around the house though. One of the things on my to do list was to clean my shower! My mom suggested to me before that I use a Pinterest DIY cleaner and it worked alright in my bathroom before we moved, but I had also used other cleaners along with it. I thought I would try it again in my parent’s house to see how it really worked.

The recipe is awfully simple. Pinterest has about a million different versions of the cleaner, so I honestly just winged it. I didn’t actually measure anything out. I got a bucket and estimated equal parts white vinegar and Dawn dish soap and then added some baking soda (maybe a little more than half as much as each of the other ingredients). Continue reading

Easiest Way to Shape Your Eyebrows

Taking care of your eyebrows is no fun. There’s no way around that. But I’ve found a super easy way to do eyebrows! Plus, I’m super cheap and I refuse to get my eyebrows done when I can do it myself. I’ve let my brows go for a little while, so hopefully you can really see how well this method works! Here’s how I do it! (Remember that I’m being very brave, allowing you to see the up-close details of my face. So be kind!) Continue reading

Easy DIY Flower Nails

My mom used to paint neat stuff on my nails all the time! Polka dots, flowers, stripes… She even painted panther paws on mine and my teammates nails in high school before volleyball games! So, I decided to try some flowers on my own.  They definitely turn out better when someone else does them, but I was determined to do this myself.

Here are my steps! Continue reading