Government Assistance from a Different Perspective

“I can’t take more hours at work or I will be making less money.”

“I don’t qualify for any assistance now that I’m working, but I can’t afford to live off my income.”

“My rent will go up if I start working more.”

“I don’t have insurance because I don’t qualify for Medicaid, but I can’t afford my employer’s insurance.”

“I’m not letting them (government programs) get any more money out of me. They get enough from me.” Continue reading

Sin is Sin, Whether You Like It Or Not!

For some reason, we think we can pick and choose what parts of the Bible we will follow and we ignore other parts. I’m not just talking about those religions or denominations that say that parts of the Bible are not relevant anymore or that do not encourage reading the Bible for one’s self. And I’m not talking about the law in the Old Testament that many nonbelievers think we are choosing to ignore (the old covenant law was replaced when Jesus came!) I’m saying that we, Christians, as individuals, decide to believe what we like and ignore what we don’t like in the Bible, including the New Testament. We’re hurting ourselves, and others are watching. Continue reading

Don’t Let Your Toddler Overpower You: Dealing with Tantrums

So, I educate parents for a living. I get questions about discipline all the time! Obviously, I don’t know what to do in every situation and my suggestions don’t work every time, but parents rarely implement the advice I give them. I’ve noticed that parents don’t want to put in a lot of effort. What parents don’t understand is that working really hard at discipline for a little while makes sooo much less work for them in the long run. Come on people! Your toddler will figure you out, find your breaking point, and push you to it every time once he or she finds it! YOU’RE LETTING A TINY, SWEET FACED, 26 POUND, 2 YEAR OLD OVERPOWER YOU!!! Continue reading

Divorce is Not an Option

Our society has really screwed us over. Society has taught us to do whatever makes us happy. Our society has made us selfish and lazy… and lonely.

I’ve literally had a married person say to me, “I know I said vows, but it doesn’t matter. I’m not going to stay in this marriage if I’m not happy.”  How do people not see the problem with this?! You became one when you got married! You made a commitment! If ending the relationship was an option, why did you get married? Just continue dating and avoid the extra heartache when it ends.  Continue reading

Do New Believers Understand the Need for Repentance?

I can’t even count how many times (especially at teen events) I’ve heard “If you have not been saved, say this prayer with me…” These words fill me with excitement, because it may mean that I will be gaining a new brother or sister in Christ, but I also feel a twinge of worry for those who are saying it along with the leader. Do they really understand the words they are saying? Do they know where they are going from here? Continue reading