5 Tips to Reduce Arguing

I am a super laid back person. Not much bothers me. I don’t get angry about much. If I am angry at you, you must have done something really terrible to me!

I know that not everyone is like me. Other people get annoyed easily and find it difficult to control their tempers.

I’ve got to say, my relationships with people tend to go pretty well. I rarely indulge in an argument, I let little things go, and I generally focus on the positive. Maybe if you’re a quarrelsome person, you can put some of my tips to use. Continue reading

Falling in Love

“Falling for him wasn’t falling at all. It was walking into a house and suddenly knowing you’re home.” -R.I.D.

I read this quote and it perfectly described what meeting my husband was like.

It also made me think…

Meeting the right person doesn’t mean that there have to be fireworks (even though there may be). Continue reading

Selfishness Is In, Love Is Out

I know that I see a lot of the world on the internet, so I really can’t be surprised by the things people say. I get that. I just see things that make me sad, because I know that people really think that these worldly ideas are the right way to live. I recently saw this quote on Facebook that just reminded me that selfishness is constantly encouraged in our society. (I looked around and actually found more quotes that said pretty much the same thing, so I’ll include those as well.)

Obviously, choosing yourself and your happiness and well being is more important than material things, but “choose her over everything?!” If the person you are becoming forces you to end relationships and desert people, you are not becoming the kind of person that would please God. You’re also probably not going to be happy! Goals are great, but there are things that are more important than your personal plans. Especially people and relationships! Success can be lonely if you leave everyone behind.  Continue reading