Grace is for Everyone

I’ve been struggling for a while with my attitude toward certain people. I haven’t felt like helping people who aren’t trying to get out of their situations on their own. Which was probably a result of the work that I do as a home visitor, but it also made my job more difficult. I wasn’t putting all of my effort in for my clients when I didn’t feel like they were thankful and they weren’t helping themselves. 

So, I’ve asked God to help me change my attitude over the past few months. I wasn’t understanding why I should try so hard for people who aren’t trying for themselves. So today, I don’t even remember exactly what I was praying about, but I was asking God to help some people even though they don’t deserve it. 

Then I said “ohh…”

That’s why I need to help people. Because of grace. 

Grace is giving people what they don’t deserve. And it’s how God shows His love to us. So if I want to show God’s love to others, then I need to be pouring out grace to them. 

I’ve always understood grace and I’ve been thankful for the grace of God, but I guess that I didn’t fully understand it. Or maybe I just forgot what it was supposed to look like. 

Either way, today I realized that grace is not only giving people what they don’t deserve, but it’s also giving to people who are undeserving. It’s not just for the people who I like or who are trying (so being a little bit deserving) or who are thankful. I need to show grace to everyone

Now the hard part: applying what I realized. 
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25 Thoughts I’ve had as a Social Worker

I had no plan for what I was going to do with a psychology degree (Other than that I wanted to work with kids). After 4 years of college, I was having a little freak out! What the heck was I thinking choosing psychology as a major?! I started applying for a bunch of jobs that I could use my degree for. After a lot of work, I found a job! In the wonderful world of social work… I started my job the Monday after graduation. I was in for a real surprise. At least I didn’t have to hear “are you going to analyze me?” anymore after telling people my major!

So beginning my first social work job was definitely interesting. I work for a program that essentially teaches parents how to parent. I work with families with children age 5 and under. They’re the CUTEST!! But their parents are not. This job is tough, but I’m still here after almost 2 years! Continue reading