Government Assistance from a Different Perspective

“I can’t take more hours at work or I will be making less money.”

“I don’t qualify for any assistance now that I’m working, but I can’t afford to live off my income.”

“My rent will go up if I start working more.”

“I don’t have insurance because I don’t qualify for Medicaid, but I can’t afford my employer’s insurance.”

“I’m not letting them (government programs) get any more money out of me. They get enough from me.” Continue reading

25 Thoughts I’ve had as a Social Worker

I had no plan for what I was going to do with a psychology degree (Other than that I wanted to work with kids). After 4 years of college, I was having a little freak out! What the heck was I thinking choosing psychology as a major?! I started applying for a bunch of jobs that I could use my degree for. After a lot of work, I found a job! In the wonderful world of social work… I started my job the Monday after graduation. I was in for a real surprise. At least I didn’t have to hear “are you going to analyze me?” anymore after telling people my major!

So beginning my first social work job was definitely interesting. I work for a program that essentially teaches parents how to parent. I work with families with children age 5 and under. They’re the CUTEST!! But their parents are not. This job is tough, but I’m still here after almost 2 years! Continue reading